K D Lathar

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Sound of the Changeling
The Changeling
Released 21st October 2005

Being 12 is hard.

Alone, in the dark, is harder.

Discovering the animal within is hardest of all.

Everyone has an animal inside . . . you just have to
find out what it is.

When the images in the mirror are out of sync, there is no
more time to dream. The dream has already become a
nightmare for twelve year old Peter Badger.

Waking up to a world which transforms when the sun goes
down, where the reflection in the water is that of an animal,
and he can ‘see’ sound, Peter struggles to stay human and
contain the animal.

He must face a King who wants what Peter has and uses
terror to get it. Most of all, he must face what is inside
him – but is it the only thing keeping him alive?

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