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Sound of the Changeling
Book I
Chapter 1
It was coming. It was coming with frightening speed. And, it was invisible.

He was running blind in the darkness, dragging the body of a man, and all the twists and turns he made to avoid his stalker seemed to lead to a narrower and narrower place until finally there was nowhere else to go but back. He could feel himself changing as he turned around – tough, coarse hairs sprouting all over him, the hands becoming thick and padded, the nails elongating into points, and his jaw becoming wider and more powerful – and then his vision altered. He was breathing hard, he was sweating, and his fear was making his hairs bristle. There was nothing he could do but turn and face it.

Hovering over the bleeding man, hunched on all fours, he waited.

He could see it gliding forward on thousands of legs. The jaws snapping, the staring blind eyes, the wild movements of its large head, it lurched forward and came closer. The predator was hungry, its body covered in boils, its back scraped raw and haemorrhaging. He could see the long, hairy tentacles whipping around. It was searching, hunting, but not for food – for life. The man hadn’t moved and he was going to die. He could not save him.

The creature dived at them, opening its jaws and revealing its vicious fangs. He could see them in the dark.

There was no way out…

‘Peter, what’re you doing?’ his mother shouted from the stairs. ‘Hurry up!’

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