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Book 2

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Sound of the Changeling
Book II
Chapter 1
Peterís eyes snapped open as he bolted upright, his heart racing, tiny needles of cold penetrated his face, his breath condensed in the air like wisps of smoke. Remembering his friend Paul, whom he had failed to help when Paul had needed him most, feelings of guilt at his inaction rose and threatened to suffocate him again. He should have gone back to retrieve the body.

Peter swore, chastising himself for  his indecision.

The last time heíd had a dream like this, heíd gone missing into a different world for six months. The dream had become real and landed him in the mess he was in now: his father couldnít talk him, his mother didnít understand him, he couldnít talk to anybody else and the one friend he had left had attitude. But right now he didnít care about all that. For the first time in months, Peter breathed a sigh of relief and felt all the anger and frustration that had been haunting him, drain. Heíd had this dream several times now, what if this one also came true? It could mean only one thing?

Paul was alive and, recalling the rest of the dream, he was in trouble.

The darkness in the room didnít matter and the cold hardly bothered him. The heavy curtains lay open as usual, and a frosty chill hung in the air outside where it was pitch black, the darkest hour, just before the breaking of the dawn.

At that ungodly hour of the morning, only one person in the world was likely to understand what he was thinking. He needed to talk to his best friend, Michelle Hawk, someone with serious attitude.

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